Saturday, 25 July 2015


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  1. Dear Publisher,
    I would like to extend to your company an open invitation have your news releases posted at our news site. In our efforts to continue the evolution of Indyfest Magazine, we have set up a news site at, where our focus on the new and indy-minded scene can reach the people and be shared across networks. As our magazine has skyrocketed in readership with the name change from Self Publisher! to Indyfest, we are looking to bring back the news site. And the focus on being able to reach mobile users in various ways is setting up the Indyfest Network to be a solid destination for readers and creators alike. And so, we request that you add our e-mail to your news release plans (or if you don’t currently do news releases, which we’ve found many companies have given up, please consider re-starting such activity; it is not as dead as it seems!) Add and see what a little free publicity can do!
    The basic idea stems from the flaw in Facebook marketing. Once you have a circle of followers, it gets harder and harder to reach them. Facebook is designed that way to encourage you to advertise with them. However, having a system for news that acts as a blog—that fans of news can then share and like—allows that same news to be discovered and go viral outside of the base of fans of a single page or postings in groups. As our tests have shown, a good news story on our news site can be liked, shared, and discovered by people who then check out other news stories at the site. A solid presentation system keeps a growing buzz, and that’s what we’re all looking for in getting the word out about our publications.
    In the early 00s our group ran a widely-read weekly newsletter, the SPA Kick Start…which changed to Jump Start later, when Kickstarter came up and people started confusing us with them. Anyway, we plan to bring back a version of the weekly newsletter, call it the Indy Scavenger, link to our news headlines inside, and blast out the week’s headlines to people who are looking for news. Somewhere in the mix, we’re going to be able to reach the pulse of the indy scene, get folks focused and excited, and send them to people just like you and your company. Oh! Please feel free to check out how to get interviews, features, etc, set up for your upcoming releases in the magazine itself at:
    Ian Shires - lead enthusiast
    Indyfest Network and Magazine
    P.O. Box 214
    Madison, OH 44056