Sunday, 15 June 2014


My friend Roberto Macedo Alves, from Portugal, wrote this spectacular article about Frozen Light Comics in a local paper (translated from the original Portuguese):
The world of comics does not limit itself to the pages of the paper editions. Digital publishing has opened new doors for new authors to share their creations with the world, free from editorial restrictions associated to big companies like Marvel and DC Comics. With all recent technological innovations, authors can sell digital works using specific platforms for comics, or distribute freely their creations using "webcomics" and reach a wide number of readers.
One of the authors that embraced this wave of technological innovation was André St. Amour, from Canada, that created his own company, called "Frozen Light Comics", to be able to fulfill his vision of having all-ages comics with canadian heroes. His first experience was made using a "print on demand" service and his creation was considered one of the best all-ages comics in the year 2012.
In the summer of this year, a new project from "Frozen Light Comics", the comic "NORTHERN ADVENTURE QUARTERLY #1" will reach comic book retailers, in a edition that will signal a new stage for this creator, that worked in the field of animated cartoons for 25 years before becoming a full-time comic book illustrator and editor.
To the readers who want to know the creations of this independent author, don't need to wait until summer 2014, because André St. Amour has been creating a series of free webcomics in the blog:, updated twice a week. In this webcomic you can read several complete adventures, with original characters and different graphic styles.
Right now you can read the adventures of KITTY KAT, an astonishingly beautiful work in white, red and black colors, very expressive and geometrical, that makes us remember some of the police novels from the 30s.
This is a webcomic recommended to those who enjoy experimental and independent comics, a set of fun adventures destined to readers of all ages!

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