Friday, 8 March 2013


As some of you probably know, I write, draw and produce my own comic-books. All-ages comic-books. Like the ones I read when I was a kid.

Last summer (summer 2012) I had a bunch of my very first comic printed (via print-on-demand printers to see if there was any interest in these types of comics, since the big comics companies have stopped producing all-ages comics long ago.  I sent out some digital copies to a few comic-book news and review websites and blogs, and gave a few to neighborhood kids via their parents.

A short while later, positive reviews about my comics started to appear on the comics news & review websites. (Thank you very much)  This made me happy, to say the least.  My first comic, NORTHERN ADVENTURE QUARTERLY #1, even got chosen as BEST ALL-AGES COMIC OF 2012! (Thanks Dustin at  Needless to say, I was over the moon with THAT feather in the cap of my own, first all-ages comic-book.

As great and awesome as all the positive reviews are, I must admit, there is something that makes me feel even better about producing my own all-ages comics. No, it's NOT fame or fortune. My comics haven't even been printed or been made available in comics shops yet and very few people know who I am or what I do.  That's right.  I'm neither rich or famous.

When the neighborhood kids run up to me, all excited, to ask when the next issue is coming out isn't it either.  But that does make me feel great too!
When the parents tell me how often their kids beg them read the comics with them and that the parents now enjoy reading comics too.  This makes me feel great too.  But that isn't it either.

What makes me feel SUPER-AWESOME is when those same kids' parents walk up to me to say their child (boy or girl) can't wait to graduate kindergarten and start grade one, so they can learn to read and write so they can read my comics, as often as they want, all on their own!  THAT is the best news ever!

Imagine that.  Comics that entertain parents and children alike; Comics that inspire kids to want to go to school and learn. THAT is what makes producing my own all-ages comic-books such a joy to do!
WOW!  I never thought making comics would be this gratifying!

As always, have fun and... Dream BIG!


Frozen Light Comics will be available in your local comics shop SPRING-SUMMER 2014.  Mark your calendars!!


  1. Very awesome and thank you for the mention!

    1. Don't thank me, YOU are the one who chose my comics as best all-ages of 2012!
      THANK YOU! :-D